Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Thoughts..New Year

I've been thinking alot about resolutions.... should I?  I have never been one to really make alot of them and in the years past those that I make with a set date are doomed to fail.


New thoughts....

Instead of making resolutions of things to 'do'... like I will lose weight... or I will stop drinking (full strength Pepsi's that is)... never make it, and I mean never!!

I digress, new thoughts... I decided to make my resolutions around 'being'

I will BE!

More patient.... with my family, my friends and those stupid, rude, untrained salespeople that you meet everytime you go out.  I will smile, be kind, remember that their day must be worse than mine... I will be more PATIENT

I will BE!

More active.... I will strive to go to the gym more than 2 times a week, I will move around a little more, park the car a few spaces further from the door.. I will just try to not be such a couch potato... .I will be more ACTIVE

I will BE!

More focused ... on the craft that I love; jewelry making and all that goes with it (that is really the key, the paperwork, the inventory, the picture taking, the selling, the marketing).  I will carve out time to look at my work with a critical eye and just try and stay true to my journey..... I will be more FOCUSED

I will BE!

What will you BE!

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