Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day....again

Well the kids have been out of school for 4!!!!  We didn't get alot of snow, but those of you from the south know about black ice and boy have we had that!  Patches melt and then come back, its very dangerous!

Good news is that Darling Son and I have gotten along great and I have stuck close to home and finished some pieces.

Here are my skeleton keys.

And my friend Bob Mattingly made some scrumptous enameled components for me.  Here is the partially finished pieces. Still need to work on the bail, but hammering is out since Darling Son is still asleep!  Don't you love the yummy soft colors! Pink Topaz, yellow topaz drops and yellow adventure small beads. Exciting news is that I am going to visit Bob and his wife Judy for a weekend of enameling, late February.  I will take loads of pictures and let you know how that goes.

Stay safe everyone!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Thoughts..New Year

I've been thinking alot about resolutions.... should I?  I have never been one to really make alot of them and in the years past those that I make with a set date are doomed to fail.


New thoughts....

Instead of making resolutions of things to 'do'... like I will lose weight... or I will stop drinking (full strength Pepsi's that is)... never make it, and I mean never!!

I digress, new thoughts... I decided to make my resolutions around 'being'

I will BE!

More patient.... with my family, my friends and those stupid, rude, untrained salespeople that you meet everytime you go out.  I will smile, be kind, remember that their day must be worse than mine... I will be more PATIENT

I will BE!

More active.... I will strive to go to the gym more than 2 times a week, I will move around a little more, park the car a few spaces further from the door.. I will just try to not be such a couch potato... .I will be more ACTIVE

I will BE!

More focused ... on the craft that I love; jewelry making and all that goes with it (that is really the key, the paperwork, the inventory, the picture taking, the selling, the marketing).  I will carve out time to look at my work with a critical eye and just try and stay true to my journey..... I will be more FOCUSED

I will BE!

What will you BE!